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State of the art technology crammed in a pocket size device, the SC100 and SC200 multifunction tactical displays offer features usually found on much more expensive electronic navigation instruments. With their ease of installation and use and high visibility display of speed and heading, the SC100 and SC200 are ideal for all sizes of boat, especially smaller boats where power is not available and hull fittings deemed not suitable or too expensive.

The SC100 is ideal for beginners, cruisers or high speed boats where time and hans are missing to use all the features of electronic devices.

The SC200 provides all the tools to help the serious racers hone their racing skills.

The SC100 displays speed (SOG), heading (COG) and offers countdown timer and chronograph. In addition to this the SC200 displays Velocity Made Good (VMG), True Upwind Direction (TUD), TUD variation, Distance to Start Line (DTSL), Velocity To Destination (VTD), and a graphical speed histogram.

Both SC100 and SC200 can record up to 140 hours ( 14 hours at the rate of 1 recorded GPS tracks per seconde) of position, speed, heading, timestamps that can be downloaded to your PC in formats compatible with GPS Action Replay and Google Earth.
This useful feature will enable you to analyse the effects of currents, headers and lifts on your sailing and your speed through tacks and gybes.

You will now have all you need to perfect your tactics and your skills on the water.

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