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Function SC100 SC200
The free extra waypoint feature completed with the use of the free NAUTEEK Suite software.
Speed Over Ground (SOG)
damping capacity
0.1 knot resolution
ok ok
Course Over Ground (COG)
magnetic declination correction and damping capacity
1° resolution
ok ok
Speed Trend
faster / slower (graphical display)
ok ok
Countdown timer with one-touch synchronisation
and chronograph
ok ok
GPS position information ok ok
Velocity Made Good (VMG) (in knots)   ok
- on the windward mark VTDu
- on the leeward mark VTDd
Layline info (in °)
- on the windward mark B UP
- on the leeward mark BDOWN
True Upwind Direction (TUD) (in °) ok
TUD variation (graphical display) ok
Distance To Start Line (DTSL)
in meters / feet or boat length
Favored end of the Starting Line (graphical display) ok
Graphical speed histogram ok
Automatic display of screen
for each leg of the course
Display changes automatically after countdown timer ok ok
Recording capacity from 14 to 140 hours
depending of recording interval
ok ok
Statistics (trip, max speed, average speed, elapsed time) ok ok
Accessories included (neopren protection bag, AC adapter, USB cable) ok ok
NMEA Output
for PC connection via USB
ok ok
Waypoints (new waypoints, variation of course to next waypoint, detection of waypoint, goto next waypoint) ok ok
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