Technical characteristics
  • Compass (COG, 1° resolution)damping and magnetic declination correction features
  • Speedo (SOG, 0.1 knot resolution) damping feature
  • Speed Trend : faster / slower
  • Race Countdown timer
  • One-touch synchronisation and chrono
  • Display changes automatically after countdown timer
  • GPS tracks record synchronised on timer
  • Scrolling menus and large graphical icons
  • English language available
  • Full waypoint management : GOTO and routes features
  • Fully waterproof, 110 x 85 x 35 mm
  • 210 g
  • Digit size : 15, 20, 25, 40 mm
  • Backlit illumination
  • 30 h battery life – Lithium-ion cell
  • Integrated flash memory provides between 14 to 140 hours of recording (depending of the recording interval)
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order 400 € VAT included
334,45 € VAT excluded for export
For US see Distributors

Dedicated for sport and leisure purpose, the SC100 is based on the SC200 ergonomic and technical characteristics.

It will be your best partner for sport trip and cruising displaying COURSE / SPEED / SPEED TREND / GPS position and Race countdown timer

All this in a self-contained waterproof device with no wires to connect to sensors or power. Just put it where you want on your boat, set the sails and enjoy.

Easy to set up, you will just need to fix it thanks to its industrial strength velcro on its bracket or on a flat surface.

Easy to use, you navigate through scrolling menus on a graphical screen thanks to 6 push buttons with good tactile feedback.

Easy to maintain, we recommend charging it when its battery alarm goes off. Alarm messages are displayed when the battery level gets to 20% and 10% of the maximum capacity of the battery.

Fun and informative, it records your speed and tracks during the races. You will then be able to replay your sailing session, analyse and discuss your tactics to progress quicker.

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Datasheet SC100Download the SC100 complete datasheet

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