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  • Fully waterproof, 110 x 85 x 35 mm
  • 210 g
  • Digit size : 15, 20, 25, 40mm
  • Backlit illumination
  • 30 h battery life – Lithium-ion cell
  • Integrated flash memory provides between 14 to 140 hours of recording (depending of the recording interval)
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bon de commande 550 € VAT included
459,87 € VAT excluded for export
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Use the benefit of the display of the damped Speed and Course over the ground : enjoy an accurate reliable, and reactive data calculated by Doppler effect.

The display of the instantaneous SOG allows you to be quickly aware of decreases in boat's speed and to react faster. Enjoy the benefits of a wireless self-contained waterproof device with no external sensors or power. Simply use its industrial strength velcro and fix your NAUTEEK on on its bracket or on a flat surface with an open view to the sky.

Developed for racing purpose, the NAUTEEK SC200 will allow you to progress on the water thanks to its innovative tactical features. Its speed and tracks recording capacity will enable to replay your races, analyze and discuss your tactics in order to progress faster.

Take a great start!

The display of the distance to the start line allows you get a better place close to the line, and to better appreciate a possible dip in the line when sailing in large fleet. Use alsothe benefits of the calculation of the favored end of the starting line.

Sail faster!

Do I better have to head up even if I lose speed or is it more interesting for my boat to sail faster? Set the direction of the upwind buoy and enjoy the benefits of our VMG calculation to match the best balance between speed and course sailing upwind or downwind.

Detect the wind and current shifts and sail shorter distances !

Set the direction of the average True Wind Direction and enjoy the benefits of our graphical tactical compass to help you to detect the best tack in real time.

Detect the laylines et sail shorter distances!

Set the direction and the distance of the windward mark and use the new LAYLINE and VTD to the race marks. Shoot the race marks and get some really accurate tactical informations.

And what about long distance races?

Our innovative full management for waypoints and routes informs you in real time about your performances on fixed markers.

agrandir l'image Google Earth agrandir l'image Google Earth agrandir l'image Google Earth Nauteek SC200, the neat tactician for sport-boats, according Yachting World

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