The company :

Nauteek is a commercial brand of Imartec, an electronic R&D company of 6 employees, most of them with a keen interest in sailing, nautical sports and electronics.  Thanks to our experience of developing products for our customers, we have decided to launch our own products based on our ideas.  For this we have received the support of OSEO and the Conseil Général des Landes.

Our location in Biscarrosse provides us with different sailing sites that can be used throughout the year for testing the products in real conditions.

The product philosophy :

Designed for sportboats, dayboats and small cruisers, Nauteek has developed a multifunction tactical display that is easy to use.

None of us ever takes the time to read a user manual thoroughly before taking a new instrument on the water. And we know that it is not once on the water that we get the time to learn how to use the electronics. This is why the user interface has got to be self explanatory with no complicated key sequences to remember.

Thanks to its knowledge of the products on offer, the feedback from professional and recreational racers and its expertise as an electronic R&D company, Nauteek brings to the market a new concept of display that is competitive and intuitive to use.

We have tested many chipsets in order to select the most accurate and responsive available.

Always on the lookout for new technologies, we keep on working to bring you new functionalities for racing and leisure boating.

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